When insecure sophomore Emma gets a part-time job, she’s thrilled. The job is a six-week-long project where she’ll be coding a website for a martial arts studio. For Emma, a computer science major, it’s perfect—a great way to gain some real-world experience. But her excitement quickly evaporates when she finds out that her boss is Ryan Damon, the mean, arrogant guy she has slammed into, twice.

Ryan Damon, the son of the famous, late movie star Bruce Damon, suffered a great tragedy at the age of seventeen. When he was vacationing in Europe, a schizophrenic man, who had been hearing voices in his head telling him to kill Bruce Damon, broke into the Damons’ residency in Manhattan, New York, and murdered Ryan’s father, his mother, and his ten-year-old sister. Now, with his heart cold as ice, Ryan doesn’t let anyone in. But when Emma enters his life, everything changes—for both of them.